What is content marketing?


What is content marketing?

So, what is content marketing? You’ve probably heard already that content is key, and no wonder that sentence is so popular – after all, no matter what marketing tactics you use, content marketing is vital for your business’s success. It is vital because it allows you to maintain a good reputation, build brand loyalty, boost sales and manage the communication with your customers, employees and stakeholders alike.

Content marketing powers all of your digital marketing activities

Content digital marketing

It really does – content marketing powers all the digital marketing activities of your business, from the first contact to the last. Your content marketing is a strategic approach towards generating and sharing content to attract the target audience, according to your objectives. To put it simply, content creation refers to the generation of images, videos, audio files, written information, in fact, any media that can be shared online about your brand.

Content is informative and it can be entertaining too – and bottom line is that is good for business. The distribution and sharing of the content you have created is a creative way to boost sales and raise awareness.

Although it might look like you are trying to sell your product or service, the key is to encourage customers to be interested in your content. Content marketing helps all stakeholders discover your brand, it helps customers solve problems educationally and it also answers questions.

So, what can you do to keep the audience wanting more content? What opportunities are there by using the right content? What should your content be about? Carry on and read the rest of this article to find out more about what is content marketing is and how can you successfully use it.

Choose your content marketing topics correct

content merketing topics 

Do you know how people start reading a blog post and then, they see another one they are interested in – so they will open the new post in a new tab, way before they finish reading the first article? Individuals are more likely to consume content when they believe that the information they receive is valuable and relatable to them. It is a great way to persuade and approach your audience. Content marketing is about approaching your target audience.

When generating content for your brand, it is essential to choose your topics carefully. Create your content strategy around what makes your brand values, what is it that you can deliver to your customers and consider what are the interests of your target audience.

Once people will come across your content, they will be more likely to become interested in your brand simply because they want to consume the content that adds value to them. It also establishes your expertise within your industry – now this is a great booster for your trustworthiness.

There are simply so many opportunities that come with content marketing! Beyond the interest that your customers might have, there are trends and many insights that you can use to find the right topic for your content.

At GoGo Marketing, we keep in mind that there are many trends to consider and by evaluating your data we might come across information that would be the key to generating the right content – we have your business in mind when we do our research.

Your Content – Your Brand’s Your Personality

Brand Identity

Here is what makes content marketing is so valuable for a business – it creates an experience for the target audience. You can make the most of your content by using the right forms of media and by giving your brand a voice. Visual content is growing in popularity.

With people spending so much time on social media, you can reach existing customers and new audiences on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other of the platforms out there, new and old. Of course, always keep in mind that your business is different, and in order to reach the right audience, your content needs to be tailor-made around your unique selling point.

As we established, content marketing can reach your stakeholders and it allows you to be present. With content marketing, you have the chance to express the voice of your brand and to reach your audience creatively! Sharing all kinds of media can say so much about your brand, it gives a voice, a personality that comes with your brand.

You can differentiate your brand from your competitors by using content marketing to express the voice of your brand. Do you want your brand to have more of a responsible and ethical approach towards your industry? Do you want your brand to have more of a humorous approach? Do you want to use certain colours to express calmness?

Whatever your branding is, content marketing is a great way to successfully communicate it to all your stakeholders. Think outside the box – your brand is so much more than articles, you can show off your brand by using all sorts of images, colours, visual elements, ideas, videos – with content marketing, the sky is the limit!

Communication is key

Communicaion Is Key Business

Content marketing gives you have a unique opportunity to address topics that might be vital for your reputation. Generating content marketing around the challenges of your industry or clarifying a piece of information about your business can increase your visibility and offer assurance to all your stakeholders.

In the long run, content marketing allows you to navigate your business in any direction you wish. With services and products that have a certain lifecycle, and with the business environment changing, you might want your brand to go in a certain direction and it is possible to communicate this to your stakeholders by using the right content strategy.

Managing your reputation online can be quite challenging in the digital era, and content marketing is a great tool to help you manage your brand image and to be digitally present. So why not be in control and generate the right content for your business – get in touch today and access more opportunities for your organisation to work smarter and gain more success with the team here at GoGo Marketing & Advertising!