Google & Bing Text Ads

If you’re after highly targeted traffic, need to promote a time-sensitive offer, or if you want to dominate search results in your category, then paid advertising is the strategy for you.

It costs money, and takes a bit of time and tinkering to come up with the right formula, but when you get someone who understands how to utilise the right keywords, analyse your target market and create enticing messages, you can get a whole lot for you money in terms of results. It’s seriously powerful, effective and efficient stuff.

Google & Bing Text Ads

With millions of searches each day, pay per click (PPC) text ads are the perfect opportunity to get noticed by the right people at the right time.

Text ads generate leads. How? Because of their search specific nature. When someone uses Google or Bing to search for the things or service you offer, your text ads will appear next to or above organic results, earning a prime position right in front of people who are highly likely and ready to engage. You can advertise locally, nationally or globally and target your ads as specifically as you like depending on who you want to reach. And as it’s pay per click, you only ever pay for results.

Display Advertising & Remarketing

Get your ads seen, and your brand recognised and remembered across the internet and apps by the precise audiences you want to target.

Display advertising builds important brand recognition in a uniquely visual way. We can create a range of ads – anything from text and images to ones with interactive elements and video – which are then placed across sites and apps that are highly relevant to your target audience (you have over two million to choose from). Going hand in hand with display advertising is remarketing. Remarketing is a clever tool that repeatedly re-shows your ads to previous visitors to your website as they browse the rest of the internet, working to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.

LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook Advertising

Millions of users interact with these platforms on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for? Start reaching out to a ready and waiting audience!

With 450 million active members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Twitter averages at 317 million monthly active users and Facebook a whopping 1.79 billion. To get your ads seen by the right people and not get lost in all the chatter, we create a variety of campaigns and target them at specific groups of people within each of these platforms. The added bonus of advertising on these networks? They’re primarily used on mobile devices so you get to interact with your audience wherever they may be.

Management & Consultation

When you invest in paid advertising, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible performance for the best price.

Whether you’re already invested in Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook ads, Twitter ads or LinkedIn, or whether you need to start from scratch, it’s worth having someone who really knows their stuff to help you manage your paid advertising efforts. We do just that. By using our considerable experience and reviewing performance analytics we can help to decrease your cost per click (CPC), improve your quality score and enhance click through rates (CTR) to boost the performance of your ads and make the most of your budget.