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Social Media Management.

We can manage your organic and paid social media channels, to strategically grow your audience increase engagement and drive ROI for your business across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & more!

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Strategic Social Media Management

Social media is a vital channel for consumers to able to discover you. It helps to create a sense of loyalty as it allows you to build relationships with people, and facilitates quick responses for improved customer service. It provides exposure for your business, which increases brand awareness. But in order to unlock these powerful results, you need to have a long term strategic plan and someone to activate it for you.

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Social Media Management

Having social media accounts is one thing, but if you’re inactive or only post once in a blue moon then you’re wasting a prime opportunity.

Keeping your social media feeds up to date with engaging content is a cheap and simple way to build your brand presence. You can interact with customers, keep up with the competition, and increase traffic. But with so many platforms out there these days, it’s important to choose the right networks for your business. We can pinpoint which ones will truly help to build your brand, as well as posting compelling posts that feature eye-catching images and relevant hashtags at peak times of engagement. We’ll craft a bespoke strategy to perfectly represent your brand.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a world of opportunity for businesses. After all, almost everyone on the internet uses it.

Facebook advertising provides a seemingly endless amount of sophisticated targeting and can generate a huge amount of exposure for your business. We can target potential customers based on their age, location, and even their behaviours and the pages they interact with. You can directly engage with your intended audience, and reach thousands of people with your message - fast. We can’t promise viral popularity, but we can assure you that we know exactly who to target, with compelling posts that build brand awareness and get those conversions rolling in.

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LinkedIn Advertising

A great tool for building B2B or B2C networks, LinkedIn can help you connect with other businesses and improve your client base.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It facilitates connections between businesses, and gives you the chance to demonstrate and share your expertise. LinkedIn allows you to connect to a professional audience, with the ability to target people based on a wide range of factors such as their industry, job title, or even what university degree they have. We can help you target the right people at the right time, gain new leads, and grow the reputation of your business among a whole new audience.

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Twitter Advertising

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Build your Twitter presence and stand out from the competition.

Twitter advertising has massive potential for your business. You have the chance to create a lasting impression of your brand and build new relationships with your customers. Our unique, eye-catching ads can be targeted to people who have tweeted certain keywords or hashtags, or even to people who follow a specific account. We can use remarketing to nurture new leads, showing your ads to anyone who has recently interacted with your tweets, making sure that your brand stays in the forefront of their minds.

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Free Website Audit

This is our chance to show off the work that makes us proud and our customers happy. We can talk about how great we are until the cows come home, but sometimes you simply have to see for yourself. So take a peek at our portfolio and see the range of projects we work on and the diversity of the clients we work with. We hope you’ll be as impressed with the bespoke, custom-built nature and the exceedingly high standards of our work as we think you should be. It’s pretty special stuff.

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    Innovative, digital strategists are at the heart of everything we do.

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    Want to see our dynamic team in action? You’ll find us working on our next groundbreaking idea in our studio in the heart of Leicester. Come on up and have a chat, the kettle’s already on.

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