Staff Recruitment, GoGo Outsource to Qonnectd


Staff Recruitment, GoGo Outsource to Qonnectd

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen to outsource all staff recruitment here at GoGo Marketing to Lincolnshire based recruitment specialists, Qonnectd. Employed initially on a 12 month contract, they will take the lead on all of our recruitment activities across the business and we’re looking forward to seeing them identify the very best, available, talented individuals to join our team!

We first began working with Qonnectd in August, 2020 as we wanted to employ two new team members to support the delivery of digital marketing activities for our retained clients. Following an initial consultation process, Qonnectd successfully enabled our job vacancies to not only stand out within a competitive market, but reach a specific group of targeted individuals. The results that we received were exceptional, as they delivered us a short-list of quality candidates to review for interview. Overall, it was the agency’s well-structured recruitment process and outstanding results that strongly influenced our decision to develop this new long-term contract. 

The services that we deliver to our clients are incredibly diverse and require specific skillsets; this results in the need to employ individuals with certain expertise from across the marketing, public relations and advertising landscapes. It was for this reason that we called upon a recruitment agency that could not only reach a number of individuals, but target those with the most relevant expertise. Sean McAuley, the Co-Founder of Qonnectd was able to reach these targeted groups and connect us with the most suitable candidates. 

Craig Johnstone, Managing Director of GoGo, said: “The service that we’ve received from Qonnectd has been first class. They listen, question, suggest and understand our roles and our particular needs. The advertising and promotion of our vacancies have cut through the noise and caught the attention of individuals that rarely respond to jobs advertised through recruitment agencies.” 

“The quality of short-listed candidates they’ve provided us with so far, have been as good as it has been in my 24 years in business. Qonnectd communicate really well, and strategically, we decided to retain their recruitment services, to maintain continuity of support, voice, presence in the market and supply of good quality people, as our agency flourishes and grows.”

Using a strategic recruitment agency like Qonnectd to advertise, promote and tactically target potential employees means that we can spend more time doing what we do best – helping our clients deliver solid marketing, public relations and advertising results! We are pleased to be partnering with Sean and the rest of the Qonnectd team and look forward to seeing them identify the next best talent for our Leicester based consultancy.

We are delighted to announce that we have recently recruited two new employees from the shortlist that Qonnectd supplied.

Qonnectd will now be managing all of our staff recruitment activity so, if you would like to find out about our latest vacancies then send an email to the Qonnectd team –