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Food Connections

Web Design & Development
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A leading manufacturer of ambient baked goods, Food Connections came to us in search of a complete website overhaul. While the colour scheme of the website had to fit with their current yellow, white and black branding, everything else could change entirely. They wanted a website that better represented who they are as a business, more clearly displayed their products and services, and emphasised the handmade nature of their goods.

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They also needed a responsive website. If you’re building a modern website, it absolutely has to be responsive. This means that no matter the screen size it’s viewed on, it automatically adjusts to fit and function perfectly. As smartphones and tablets become people’s primary web-browsing devices, your website needs to be responsive so that it’s accessible to potential customers. If it isn’t, then you risk users looking elsewhere for a website that’s easier to interact with.

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The Home Page has been totally reimagined. It features a themed video in the header banner, bold, clear messages that reinforce key USPs, and an eye-catching interactive slider product slider that puts the Food Connections’ products at the heart of the page. It also features Food Connections’ NPD services very clearly, which was a key requirement.

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There are loads of neat details in the new Food Connections site, such as a custom loading screen that features various baked goods being eaten as the loading time elapses, and a globe with animated planes in the exporting section. We’ve also used parallax effects on several pages, which sees ingredients and implements move into the page as users scroll to emphasise the theme of the site and inspire engagement.