Document Logic Microsite


Document Logic Microsite

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Document Logic are an established and trusted provider of high quality print management solutions across the North East and the rest of the country. With decades of experience and a strong reputation behind them, last year they decided to take the step of expanding their services and solutions to cater for the specialist graphic arts print industry. However, to effectively target this new audience and advertise their new services, they needed a new website.

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As a long-time client of ours, Document Logic approached us to develop this project with them. After discussing their aims, we decided that a microsite would be the best option for Document Logic’s new venture. This is because a microsite is a really effective option for showcasing a smaller range of products or services as it enables us to achieve a much more bespoke design and UI that we can tailor to make the services and products the main features of the site.

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Of course, as with all of our web builds, this new microsite was created to be responsive. Responsive design is an absolutely crucial requirement when it comes to building a modern website. It means that the site can be viewed on any device - from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops - and that all functions and features will work seamlessly regardless of screen size. Older websites lack this functionality, and as a result they are more difficult to access and interact with, which can ultimately result in a loss of customers.

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Specifically designed with the graphic arts print industry in mind, there are a number of features that seek to emphasise the specialist theme. For example, sections on the home page, Print Lab and Xerox pages stagger to mimic sheets of paper sliding across one another. Headers on the product pages start off as occluded stills but give way to clear, full screen videos of various print activities.