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The Carlton Hayes Mental Health Charity offers financial support to local charitable mental health organisations. Although the charity has been in existence for over 175 years, the modern incarnation needed to promote its events and the grants it provides. We therefore joined a tendering process to design their brand and website from scratch, all of which would be done at a reduced rate for the charity.

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The website would of course be responsive - every website we build is responsive. Responsive means that a website will automatically adapt to any screen size so that users can still access and interact with the website’s content no matter what device they are using to view it. Without this functionality, users are likely to go elsewhere as no one enjoys using a website they cannot view properly.

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The theme of the new brand and website was centred around the history of the charity. Stylised brand colours and images with sketch effects lent a heritage feel to the site whilst also retaining an air of modern sophistication. Dedicated pages emphasised the charity’s background and trustees and detailed case studies explained how Carlton Hayes has previously helped other charities.

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The functionality of the website focused on digitising the application process. Previously limited to a slow paper-based application system, we created an online application function that sends PDF copies of forms to clients and Carlton Hayes and allows applicants to easily complete and sign forms and then drag and drop them onto the site to send them directly to Carlton Hayes.