221b Baker Street


221b Baker Street

Web Design & Development
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Having been previously approached by 221B Baker Street to help them to develop their idea for a new eliquid brand, they next asked whether we could build a website where they could both promote and sell their new product. They wanted a characterful, responsive ecommerce website that matched the tone and feel of their products. We knew we could help them to achieve this.

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Responsive web design means that a website will automatically fit any screen size. With browsing habits constantly changing and mobile devices becoming a primary source for browsing activity, responsive web design is crucial: companies can easily lose sales or engagement if their websites aren’t designed responsively, as they will not work on the multitude of screen sizes that now exist.

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The custom-built, responsive website is viewable on all sizes of screen. As always, the devil is in the detail - and this project was no exception. Inspired by 221b’s strong brand identity, the look, tone and feel of mysterious Victorian London has been incorporated into a number of elements across the site, from graphics and copy, to colours, effects and even a bespoke and rather playful loading icon.

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Importantly, this build has also resulted in a successful ecommerce website. It was built using Magento, which is a trusted platform by brands and retailers across the world. Magento ecommerce platforms allow users to intuitively browse the range of products, quickly and easily create an account, add products to their shopping cart and safely and securely buy online.