Google’s Spam Update for March 2024: A Step to Stop Abuse of Websites

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Google made an important change to its search algorithm on March 5, 2024, to combat websites that employ spammy techniques. The “March 2024 Spam Update” de-ranks websites that do not adhere to Google’s webmaster rules to enhance user experience. Let’s examine in this Google’s Spam Update Blog post the three new policies that Google has adopted as we get deeper into the details of the update:

Scaled Content Abuse: Google uses “content farm” or “thin content” websites as targets to manipulate search results. They evaluate elements like content-to-code ratio, keyword stuffing, and general content quality to detect these sites using automatic and manual methodologies. Scaled content misuse carries consequences, such as manual spam penalties and decreased search visibility. Human verifiers can also evaluate alleged violations.

Expired Domain Abuse: Google has implemented a strategy to counteract websites that use expired domains to manipulate search engine ranks. Inactive addresses that have not had their original owners’ renewals are known as expired domains. Some websites buy backlink-rich expired domains to capitalise on their already established authority. Penalties for abusing expired domains may include reduced search ranks and even manual measures, the same as those for abusing scaled content.

Site Reputation Abuse: Users are protected by the policy from websites with a bad reputation, such as those that disseminate false information or offensive material. Google uses user reports, outside evaluations, and human reviewers’ manual reviews to assess a website’s reputation. Websites that violate Google’s reputation-policy risk having their rankings dropped or being taken down. In extreme circumstances, Google may eliminate websites that have a bad reputation. Third-party reviews and the evaluations of human reviewers are additional elements considered.

How will this affect website owners ?

Google’s March 2024 Spam Update highlights their dedication to providing better search results. To adhere to Google’s guidelines, webmasters and SEO experts should concentrate on offering helpful, instructional material, staying away from deceptive tactics, and keeping a respectable online presence.

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