6 tips for social media engagement


It’s such a difficult time at the moment and there are so many concerns and worries for people and business, but our main priority right now is to follow Government guidelines. Here at GoGo in a bid to help we have launched a FAQ initiative on communications issues and we are receiving lots of questions. In this blog I’ve condensed my advice for how best to position your business on social media right now during these uncertain times into six top tips. If you have any further questions or would like to know more about anything raised in this blog then please do get in touch.

1. Be Human; use social media to try and unite and bring us all together. Be positive, show the actions you are taking however big or small to make a difference. Highlight acts of kindness your team and colleagues have done. It’s easy to get caught up in a negative narrative, so communicate on how you are responding. 

2. Be responsible; A big challenge for many businesses is how to react to new safety measures and government advice. Show what it is you have done. Explain your actions and how you will continue to support your clients and also how you will look after your staff.

3. Be authentic; Trust is built over a long period of time but can be lost instantly. Think of your communications as managing your own reputation so take the time to think about the questions and concerns of your staff and customers and be proactive in communicating your business approach to the ever changing pandemic updates.

4. Be a breath of fresh air; As so many people are now working remotely and told to stay at home, think outside the box. Authentic video snippets of the people in your business and what makes you unique can go a long way in keeping you distinctive. Be creative, for example – if your company makes soap, talk about what songs you are singing whilst washing your hands?

5. Be Dynamic; Huge impact across many sectors can be felt, following every rolling update our Government gives. For some this has completely changed their marketplace, supply chains and physical trade. But we feel it’s how you react and what you do in these extreme circumstances that people will remember.

We are advising that a combination of a clear and comprehensive communication plan with a rapid digital deployment to ‘move your marketplace’ online (which could be through Facebook, ecommerce, a website, WhatsApp, Twitter) is the key. If you are already using these platforms then you could be most of the way there!

6. Be clear; confusion mounts around the virus and so does our ever evolving understanding of the changing guidelines. Many of us are coming to terms with the impact of it on our daily lives. We all have to adapt accordingly and as a business a good communications plan and swift actions can really help create clarity for your customers and staff. It is also important to act inline with your business values. Your audience will remember your tone, actions and support during these unparalleled times.

Here to help if you need us.