Email Marketing (GC)

Fast and cheap, email marketing sure can be effective. But how do you stand out from the others? How do you avoid being marked as spam, or people deleting and unsubscribing?

Despite people receiving hundreds of emails a day, email marketing still garners incredible results. The ROI on email marketing is sky high, with estimates ranging anywhere from XXX to 3800%. According to research, you’re also six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a Tweet and your message is five times more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook. The conclusion? It’s time to invest in email marketing.

Design & Coding

A good looking design that’s been reliably coded will help your email to go far - and responsive design is absolutely crucial.

A well-designed email works wonders. It catches eyes, it gets noticed. It communicates more than just the message that’s written inside it. It shows that you’ve taken time and care how your brand is presented. We create custom email templates from scratch to suit your exact requirements. We can include images, graphics, gifs, and most importantly we make it responsive. Why’s this important? Because over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so making sure that your email is accessible on mobiles is a top priority.

Managed Email Marketing

Life’s made simple when you get experts to take care of designing, writing, planning, scheduling, sending and analysing your emails.

When we manage your email marketing, we create a plan based around your business aims, your products and services and your audiences. But the truly great thing about us managing your email marketing is our expertise – we know when to send emails according to peak opening hours, how to segment your mailing list so that you send relevant content to the right people, and what subject lines work on recipients. We also know how to measure the ROI directly through tracking, which allows us to heighten the effectiveness and constantly develop your plan to achieve greater results.

Self-Managed Email Marketing

If email marketing is something that you want to do for yourself, then we can help provide the tools for you need to get started.

We currently use Campaign Monitor, an easy-to-use, professional email marketing automation service. It offers user-friendly tools that help you to create responsive emails that drive actual results. Creating template designs is easy, testing the email is simple and scheduling is a breeze. It also has powerful tracking tools that mean you can analyse the success of your campaigns in real time, and use these results to optimise future efforts.


People get tonnes of emails every day. So how do you get yours to stand out from the rest, so that it gets read and responded to?

Copy. You need a compelling subject line to get your email opened. Then, the content within the email needs to be relevant and useful to the people reading it. And then you need clear calls to action to encourage people to engage with whatever content you’ve sent to them. It sounds simple but it takes experience and time to craft the right email marketing messages and review performance to see what appeals, what doesn’t and how to change tack accordingly.