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Brand Strategy

So what is a brand strategy and what will it actually do for you? In the simplest terms, a brand strategy is a long-term plan that helps you to achieve your business goals.

Well, it does this by creating a clearly defined and consistent brand that really represents your business identity and mission. This is then applied across all areas of your business, from your appearance to your employees and across all communications, with the aim of fostering connections with your clients, reinforcing your reputation in your field and setting out a flexible plan for future growth.

What should you expect?

GoGo can deliver an array of brand assets that will help to steer your business in the right direction to reinforce your businesses core values, including; conceptualising and developing brand guidelines, logos, buyers personas, templates, graphics and many more specific tools that enable you to put your newly formed brand into action and bring it to life in every aspect of your business internally and customer facng!

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Market Research

Identifying your competition and analysing their brand performance and tactics gives you the opportunity to develop a brand strategy that stands out.

And whatever market you’re in, it’s standing out that’s absolutely vital. There’s not much point developing a brand that’ll just fade into the background. So what we do is carefully evaluate your competition, from their size and advantages to their objectives and strategies. We do this because everyone can learn from the experience and examples of others. It’s certainly not about copying - it’s about being inspired. And as a result, we can ensure that you’re different and, importantly, better.

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Messaging & Communications

Creating clear communications by defining your individual story and the key messages you want to convey to your audience.

This is the voice of your business. It’s how you engage with your customers and convince them to choose you over your competitors. You see, customers interact with and buy from brands they know. So a consistent voice and style helps hugely to develop familiar and trusting relationships with your customers - they get to know you, identify with you, believe in your purpose and make purchases. The golden rule? Consistency. Whatever channel it is that you’re using, be it social media, your website or an email, we ensure that you remain consistent in your style and tone to keep on building that sense of familiarity and trust.

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Creative Elements

While your brand is so much more than just your logo and colour palette, we can’t deny that these creative tools have an important effect.

Just as consistent messaging and communications enhance your brand’s identity, well-designed visuals also reinforce your brand and make it familiar to people. This is why you need a logo, colour palette, visual style and typeface designed just for you. They’ll be representing you across numerous platforms so they need to be well-designed with your business’s personality in mind. Never underestimate the power of great design - it really makes an impact on people.

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Long-Term Planning

When it comes to brand strategy, we don’t just set you up for the short-term. We put together a long-term plan to ensure continuous evolution.

Long-term planning is a process rather than a set of rules. It’s important that brands move with the times and evolve - and don’t get left behind and become irrelevant. Flexibility is really important and it doesn’t have to come at the expense of consistency, either. It’s also how we make sure that all of the creative elements and tools that we’ve developed are in alignment to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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This is our chance to show off the work that makes us proud and our customers happy. We can talk about how great we are until the cows come home, but sometimes you simply have to see for yourself. So take a peek at our portfolio and see the range of projects we work on and the diversity of the clients we work with. We hope you’ll be as impressed with the bespoke, custom-built nature and the exceedingly high standards of our work as we think you should be. It’s pretty special stuff.

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    Innovative, digital strategists are at the heart of everything we do.

    At GoGo Marketing, our experienced and ambitious team are driven by the impact we can have on your business. Creating inspiring, forward-thinking digital experiences is what gets us up in the morning - put simply, we’re obsessed with getting you results.

    Want to see our dynamic team in action? You’ll find us working on our next groundbreaking idea in our studio in the heart of Leicester. Come on up and have a chat, the kettle’s already on.

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